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LETTER: City needs to improve snow and ice clearing on sidewalks


To the mayor, and city council, and anyone else who is willing to read this complaint below.
This a formal written complaint regarding poor removal of ice, and snow this winter so far on the city sidewalks. I am a 66-year-old senior, who is starting to have difficulty getting around. The state of the sidewalks this winter are atrocious.
A little more effort needs to be taken, to clear the ice, and snow. Especially, the ice. I live in Victoria Towers, and don’t drive. I rely on walking, and transit. The sidewalks, between Victoria Towers, and Parkwood Mall have been treacherous, at best. I fell once at 17th Ave, and Victoria St. and almost a couple times other places.
I don’t need to be in emergency, with a concussion, brain injury, broken bones, hip, etc. I like to get out of the apartment a few times a week. The city’s snow/ice clearing efforts make it difficult. I hope this ongoing problem gets resolved.
Looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.
Randene Jones
Prince George

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