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The SpyGlas DS System arrives and is already showing results

The Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation says the SpyGlass DS System has arrived and is making a difference in patient care in the North.

The new equipment was funded, in part, by fundraising efforts at the 26th annual Festival of Trees.

Dr. Gilbert Wankling, general surgeon is pictured here with the new equipment minutes before performing the scope on the fourth patient since it arrived a few weeks ago.

“We are already seeing some incredible results,” he said. “Especially on cases where it has been hard to see or deal with in the past.”

Trudy Comadina, is a patient who has endured pain for many years and who underwent an ERCP process in the past. In an interview on this procedure, she said she couldn’t believe that after so many years of pain, she woke up from the procedure and for once in her life felt no pain at all. A portion of a gallstone had lodged itself in her liver many years ago was blasted. This was not visible through equipment used in the past. She felt instant relief.

The Boston Scientific The SpyGlass™ DS System is the third of its kind for the province. The other two being located at St.Paul’s and VGH in the Lower Mainland. In short, this system enables direct visualization of the pancreatic and bile ducts, is used to evaluate suspected benign and malignant conditions, and is used for the treatment of difficult stones and strictures. This unit is less invasive, does not require sedation and enables high-resolution imaging and therapy during an ERCP procedure to target biopsies, fragment stones through lithotripsy, and remove residual stones, stone fragments, and foreign bodies such as migrated stents.

Using the The SpyGlas DS System compared to traditional ERCP may result in more efficient evaluation, help reduce the need for additional testing and repeat procedures and enable patients to receive treatment sooner.

“Our sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who supported the Festival of Trees 2019,” said Judy Nieser, Spirit of the North CEO. “Without you this purchase would never be possible and we are so grateful for your kindness.  If you were part of the festival as a sponsor, attendee, donor, or an amazing volunteer, then you were part of the magic in bringing this fantastic piece of equipment to the Region for patients right here at home in the North, where we live, work, and play.”

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