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Wondering whether the weather is wonderful or wacky

I will say one thing about the weather in Prince George last week. I was happy the temperature change went the direction it did. I don’t think too many people would have liked seeing the temperature go from plus-five to minus-44 in about a five-day span.

Of course, the temperature jumping as much as it did brought a few other problems I don’t think many people are used to dealing with in January. After about a week and a half of seeing snow-removal equipment on just about every street in the city, I was driving home Monday afternoon and saw some crews out unblocking drains. I also saw a few lakes developing in areas they hadn’t been able to get to yet.

When I saw that, I said to myself, “Allan (That’s how I talk to myself. It’s a very formal relationship.), these roads could be quite interesting in the next few days, given the temperature at night is supposed to get below freezing.”

“Yes, Allan,” I responded, “I think a little extra care will be called for when I go in to do the Morning Citizen on CFIS the next few days. I would prefer not to be one of the headlines the next day.”

While it was quite a week for weather in Prince George and the area, at least we didn’t get what they did in Newfoundland. We had a lot of snow, a lot of cold, and some wind, but at least they had the decency (for the most part) to arrive separately. Newfoundland got it all at once.

I saw a number of videos people posted from safely inside of the storm. One I got a bit of a chuckle out of was the woman who, after the storm, could believe her car wasn’t covered in snow.

Then she found out she had left one of the windows down when she parked it. The car was basically stuffed full of snow. There was so much snow on the driver’s seat, she couldn’t even get in.

In Prince George, we often talk about shovelling out our vehicle after some snow, but we mean shovelling the snow from around it, not from inside it.

And I can’t help thinking: What happens if, on February 2, the groundhog just decides this winter is too nuts and posts a sign saying he’s gone to Hawaii?

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