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Flight 752: Canadians don’t believe full and accurate accounting of aviation tragedy will ever be revealed

In the wake of the devastating Ukraine International Airlines plane crash in Tehran that killed 176 people, including 57 Canadians, the people of this country have little confidence the truth about what really happened will ever emerge.

The latest public opinion survey from the Angus Reid Institute indicates most – seven-in-ten – do not believe a full and accurate accounting of what happened will be offered by Iran.

The aircraft was shot down on the same night Iran launched a missile attack on two U.S. bases in Iraq. That was done in retaliation for a U.S. drone attack that killed a senior Iranian general.

Iran initially claimed the aviation tragedy that has left families and friends of the victims devastated was unrelated to tensions with the U.S.

Under mounting pressure, however, Iran’s military said it shot at Flight 752, claiming it was mistaken for an incoming cruise missile.

Complicating matters in the early days of the catastrophe is the fact that Canada and Iran no longer have official diplomatic relations, something half of Canadians (51%) wish to at least partially re-establish now.

More Key Findings: 

  • Canadians are divided about the future of Canada’s mission in Iraq. Equal numbers would like to see Canada maintain troop levels after tensions calm in the region (42%) or remove them completely (38%).
  • Amidst the grief, the federal government’s reaction to this tragedy appears to be striking the right tone with Canadians: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval has increased seven points in the last four weeks from 36 per cent to 43 per cent

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