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Cold weather can results in crimes of opportunity

When temperatures drop, there is often a spike in auto thefts, say Prince George RCMP.

When you are cold, thieves are cold too.  So when you leave your car running with the keys in the ignition while you wait inside your warm home, thieves are more than happy to hop in your vehicle and steal it.  Saves them walking, in the cold, to their destination.  More than likely, the thief was not specifically looking for a car to steal, the opportunity just presented itself.

With the temperatures dropping this week, the detachment has once again seen an increase in vehicle thefts.  Vehicles that were left running with keys in the ignition.  Three were reported on Monday January 13 and more are expected as the cold spell continues this week.

The Prince George RCMP are asking all vehicle owners to ensure they are not a victim of auto theft.  Install a remote car starter or stay with your vehicle as it warms up.  Being cold for a few minutes may save your vehicle from being stolen by an opportunistic thief. 

It is also a violation under the BC Motor Vehicle Act to leave an insecure running vehicle unattended.  Therefore, if your vehicle is stolen as a result of the keys being left in it, your insurance may be deemed void and the insurer may not cover the loss. 

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