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Holiday CounterAttack campaign wraps up

The Prince George RCMP have wrapped up its holiday impaired driving enforcement as part of the provincial CounterAttack campaign. 

From Thursday December 6 to Wednesday January 1, officers from the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services Section (municipal), with assistance from the North District RCMP’s Traffic Services Section (provincial), conducted a series of static check stops and roving patrols throughout the City of Prince George, selectively targeting impaired drivers. 

These are the results:

34 – Impaired Drivers

1 Criminal Code Impaired Driving (alcohol)

1 Criminal Code Impaired Driving (drugs)

14 – 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) with 30-day vehicle impoundment (over 100 mg%)

18 – Three-day IRP with seven-day vehicle impoundment (between 60 – 99 mg%)

19 – Other Suspensions

10 – 24 hour Suspensions for alcohol (between 50 – 59 mg%)

8 – 24 hour Suspension for drugs

1 – 12 hour Suspension for a Learner or New Driver with alcohol in the body

16 – Prohibited / Suspended Drivers Apprehended

58 – Vehicles impounded (total including IRPs)

Officers use a variety of tools to help them detect and apprehend impaired drivers, including approved screening devices, physical coordination testing, and drug recognition experts. 

“We ask the members of our community to remain focused when on our roads this winter, and to exercise good judgement,” said Cpl. Craig Douglass, spokesperson for the Prince George RCMP.  “We will continue to focus on those drivers that do the most harm in our community.”

For the remainder of the winter the Prince George RCMP’s Traffic Services Section will conduct enforcement action at high collision intersections, will target prohibited and suspended drivers, and will continue to address impaired driving.

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