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Holiday CounterAttack campaign busy on first weekend

The Prince George RCMP partnered with North District RCMP’s Traffic Services Section to officially launch the winter CounterAttack campaign for this holiday season on the weekend. 

Officers were targeting impaired drivers throughout the weekend, with the official launch on National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day on Saturday December 7.

These are the results from the weekend:

  • 6 – 90 day immediate roadside prohibitions with a 30-day vehicle impound
  • 6 – Three-day immediate roadside prohibitions
  • 2 – 24-hour driving prohibitions
  • 2 – 12-hour driving prohibitions
  • 2 – Prohibited driver
  • 1 – No drivers licence violation
  • 2 – Drive contrary to licence
  • 1 – Speeding violation

“There is zero tolerance for those persons that choose to drive while impaired by drugs including alcohol,” said Cpl. Craig Douglass, spokesperson for the Prince George RCMP.  “There is never an excuse for risking the lives of other road users because you failed to plan properly.”

The detachment’s Community Policing volunteers were on hand at some of the road checks providing assistance to officers and handing out candy canes to sober drivers.

Police will continue to provide enhanced enforcement throughout the rest of this holiday season and into the New Year.

Officers use a variety of tools to help them detect and apprehend impaired drivers, including approved screening devices, physical coordination testing, and a drug recognition expert. 

If you witness an intoxicated person get behind the wheel or see a vehicle being driven in a dangerous or erratic manner, call 9-1-1 immediately.  Your actions could save a life. 

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