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Adey Memorial Fund donates equipment to CNC

CNC students will benefit from new tools in the classroom thanks to a generous donation from the Dillon Adey Memorial Equipment Fund. 

On June 1, 2009, Dillon was killed in a motorcycle collision in Prince George. Since that tragic day, the Adey family has kept the memory of Dillon alive by raising funds to advance educational opportunities for students at CNC. 

This year, the Adey’s donated nearly $12,000 worth of equipment including three camcorders to CNC’s Library; a natural bone demonstration skull and two maxima curing lights to the Dental program; a female reproduction model, four magnetic osteological teach skull, two giant functional centre brain anatomy model, and a bottle top dispenser to CNC’s Biology department; and a planetary mixer and six thermalloy fry pans to the Professional Cook program.

“It has become a family tradition to celebrate Dillon’s birthday by donating equipment to CNC at the end of the year in honour of Dillon’s birthday in November,” said Dillon’s father Perry Adey. “This year, Dillon would have turned 32. We’re happy knowing our son’s memory has made a significant impact in the education of others.” 

The Adeys are one of CNC’s longest and most gracious donors and, with the help of the community, has given more than $214,000 to CNC as a legacy to Dillon. The family offers seven bursaries and scholarships to CNC students annually. To honour the 10th anniversary of Dillon’s passing this year, the family also awarded two scholarships worth $7,000 each to a pair of nursing students. 

“CNC is grateful for the continued support of the Adey family,” said CNC President Dennis Johnson. “The community has come together over the past 10 years to create a wonderful legacy for Dillon. This donated equipment will be instrumental in furthering the learning opportunities available to CNC students.”

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