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Another good year for Festival of Trees, equipment arrives at UHNBC

Just as the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation closes the doors of yet another successful Festival of Trees, 26 in total,  additional equipment from last years’ 25th anniversary event arrived and is in service at UHNBC.

In January, four orthopedic video operating room towers were put in place to ease the long wait list for surgery on the hip, knees, shoulders and wrist – joints mostly.  Last year’s Festival of the Trees was such an amazing success that not only was the healthcare foundation able to purchase these four towers, but an additional four surgical O.R. towers were also ordered.

This is good news for patients in the north as this is state of the art equipment.  This represents over $700,000 in equipment and more importantly speaks to the desire that donors and supporters in the region have to see much needed equipment purchased for the region.

Both the orthopedic surgeons and general surgeons have supported a need for state of the art equipment that is more reliable to help address their extensive patient waitlists.  This means everyone benefits from a more active lifestyle, less pain, and are back to doing what they love sooner.

In addition, the equipment that was chosen to be funded from this years’ Festival of Trees is now ordered.  Through the generosity and support of the thousands of individuals and companies who were part of the 10-day event, the Boston Scientific SpyGlass DS system should arrive early in the New Year.  This system is the third of its kind in the province and will focus on endoscopic diagnosis of the diseases, conditions, and cancers of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and kidney.  Without this equipment residents would otherwise need to travel to Vancouver to be seen.  

“We are delighted to work with Northern Health, the physicians, and the supplier to see this through on behalf of our donors to support this purchase.  The generosity was overwhelming and really made it possible,” said Judy Neiser, CEO for Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation, in a news release.  “Each year supports better health outcomes for the residents of the North and truly brings dignity to living the healthiest life possible.  We are so proud to be able to respect the kindness and support shown by our donors and supporters and turn it into meaningful ways to address healthcare concerns for the region through the purchase of state of the art equipment.”

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