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UNBC to offer non-refundable financial credit to students impacted by strike

UNBC has committed to providing a non-refundable financial credit for all students affected by the ongoing faculty association strike, according to a students’ update posted to the university’s website.

The value of this credit depends on the length of the strike, and will be determined once an agreement is in place. 

Upon completion of the strike, UNBC will email students information about the credit, and how it can be accessed.

The university recognizes that some students may not take up the offer of a non-refundable financial credit.  For this reason, UNBC has committed to creating a fund to help future students who are facing financial hardships. The value of this fund will depend on the length of the strike.

As the strike enters its third week, the current semester is in danger of being lost.

If the strike ends before December 3, UNBC will extend the teaching semester to December 14, which is the last scheduled day of exams. 

If this were to be the case, the university would consider either cancelling the exam period entirely and instead rely on in-class assessments completed within this extended instructional period, or provide for a reduced exam schedule early in the new year. This could include minor delays to the start of the winter semester.

Should the strike go beyond December 3, UNBC will consider extending this semester into the new year, and delaying the start of the winter semester. 

Other options are currently being considered.

“However, until an agreement in place, and faculty members resume their teaching responsibilities, we are unable to provide a final plan and timeframe for the completion of the semester at this time,” according to the website.

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