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Impaired drivers targeted

The Prince George RCMP will once again be focusing on road safety as the holiday season approaches.

Police say they have seen a recent spike in collisions that occurred as a result of driving while impaired by drugs including alcohol.  As a result, officers will be increasing efforts to target those persons that choose to drive while impaired.

“We recognize that the majority of the driving public do not drive while impaired, however the small portion that do, put everyone on the road at risk,” said Cpl. Craig Douglass, spokesperson for the Prince George RCMP.  “We will be looking to remove those persons from the road to make roads safer for the rest of us.”

Officers use a variety of tools to help them detect and apprehend impaired drivers, including approved screening devices, physical coordination testing, and a drug recognition expert. 

If you witness an intoxicated person get behind the wheel or see a vehicle being driven in a dangerous or erratic manner, call 9-1-1 immediately.  Your actions could save a life. 

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