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Going ‘hmmm’ for the holidays

We are into the back half of November, we still haven’t had a stretch of minus-20 weather, and we’re not digging out from five feet of snow.

I’m not complaining.

I’m going ‘Hmmm’ a fair bit over the weather in Prince George recently, and I have a few other things to talk about that make me go ‘Hmmmm’.

Monday, I go to the TSN website to get the full updates on the CFL Conference championship games. The first thing I see is a note on the Western Final that Winnipeg quarterback Zach Collaros found Kenny Lawler Jr. for the only touchdown of the game and Justin Medlock kicked five field goals as the Bombers beat Saskatchewan 20-13.

The last time I checked, a touchdown was worth six points in the CFL and field goals were worth three points. That means a touchdown, even without the convert, and five field goals should be 21 points, and the Bombers only scored 20. Something isn’t adding up. Hmmmm.

I’m also still somewhat bemused by some of the traffic signals in the city, especially in the early morning hours.

I came up to the lights at 15th and Ospika last week, heading east. The light turned red just before I got there, so I stopped (unlike some Prince George motorists are wont to do.).

There was no traffic on either side on Ospika, but they still got a green light. I saw their light turn to yellow, so I prepared to go.

Then the left-turn lights for both directions on 15th turned green. Again, there were no vehicles in either of the turn lanes.

Eventually, I did get a green light, although I have to admit I was a little worried the lights would just cycle through to showing green for Ospika again. Hmmmm.

I see a lot of ads in various local media for Black Friday sales, some of which come from companies billing themselves as proud Canadians.

If you’re proud Canadians, why are you holding a sale related to an American holiday? Hmmmm.

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