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UNBC behind picket lines today

UNBC Faculty Association President Dr. Jacqueline Holler and Chief Negotiator Dr. Ted Binnema visiting the #unbcstrike picket lines Photo: C. Nolin

UNBC is behind picket lines today as members of the UNBC Faculty Association are now on strike.

Despite talks that went well into the early morning, the faculty association at the University of Northern British Columbia have not reached an agreement.

The Prince George campus will remain open during the strike, however:

  • Classes will not take place at any UNBC campus.
  • The library, dining hall, and other non-academic student services will remain open.
  • The Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre will remain open.
  • Transit buses will not cross picket lines, so buses will stop at temporary stops on University Way.

As of last evening, the university’s offer included:

  • A new Senior Lab Instructor Rank IV, creating additional career-growth opportunities for senior lab instructors.
  • A new compensation model for faculty, built upon principles established jointly by the university and the faculty association.
  • A new career track for teaching-focused members (new designation – Senior Instructors), reducing the need for repeating term appointments.
  • Closed the salary gap between our tenured and tenure-track faculty and the 50th percentile of our comparator universities by approximately 90 per cent in just one round of bargaining.
    • Average salary increase of 15 per cent over three years for tenured and tenure-track faculty.

At a rally Wednesday, the association acknowledged the university’s latest offer will bring professors’ pay in line with comparable universities. However, according to the association, it is not adequate for other academic staff.

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