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City says road crews are ready for the snow

Winter is coming … and the City of Prince George is ready.

This past September, Prince George city council updated it snow and ice control policy.

Among the changes to the policy, the city snow and ice control program now includes a heavy snowfall declaration to notify residents following heavy snowfalls that crews will likely take longer than usual to clear the streets. During heavy snowfall declarations, travellers will be encouraged to be patient, drive to conditions, and give extra thought to route plans and travel times.

The city has updated its website to provide detailed information to residents and travellers about what to expect from city snow and ice control operations when snow starts to blanket the city. Visit to learn more.

Multiple factors – such as temperatures and total snow accumulation – affect operations, timelines, and decisions about equipment deployment. During a snow event, our roads and sidewalks are categorized into three snow-clearing priorities:

  • Priority One roads include main arterial roads and adjacent sidewalks, downtown streets, priority hills, the hospital area, and Civic facility entrances. In a snow event, these routes are cleared first – often overnight – to reduce the interference with higher daytime traffic volumes.
  • Priority Two roads include bus routes, collector roads, and adjacent sidewalks that are not main arterial roads, and commercial and industrial roads.
  • Priority Three roads include residential roads. Residential route clearing also takes garbage collection days into consideration.

Motorists are also reminded that parking restrictions are in effect from October 15 to April 15 each year to help with snow operations.

Visit for full details and subscribe to the “Roads” category on the City News and Notices Page to receive timely email updates about City snow clearing activities.

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