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Going back in time at CNC

Former CNC president Dr. Terry Weninger, left, former CNC welding instructor Cy Fortin and current CNC president Dr. Dennis Johnson open a time capsule during CNC’s 50th anniversary celebration event in Prince George on Nov. 6, 2019. Fortin constructed the capsule with the help of students and Dr. Weninger served as CNC president when it was placed 25 years ago. CNC photo

In 1994, members of the CNC community sealed a time capsule for future students and employees to open in the college’s historic 50th year. On Nov. 6, former CNC president Dr. Terry Weninger, who served from 1990 to 2004, and current CNC president Dr. Dennis Johnson opened the time capsule at a 50th celebration event at CNC’s Prince George campus. 

“I’m truly honoured to serve as CNC’s president during this historic 50th year,” said Johnson, in a news release. “Throughout my first month, I’ve heard time and again how much CNC means to the people who have studied here. The opening of this time capsule marks a celebration of what has been accomplished at CNC, what is being accomplished today and what will be accomplished throughout the next 50 years.” 

The time capsule contained a scroll with greetings from students and employees in 1994, a number of publications including the Free Press, Prince George Citizen, CNC Notes, Counselling Newsletter, Asterisk, BC Report (Dec. 12 issue on CNC), CNC calendars, CNC enrolment fast facts brochure, CNC historical highlights brochure, CNC organizational chart, and a CNC phone list.

The capsule also included aerial photos of CNC’s woodlot, a vial of Prince George water, 25th anniversary Christmas tree bulbs, a floppy disk with a course outline to show the “technology of the day,” a CNC t-shirt, and a curling funspiel trophy and medal.

“I’m pleased I was able to return to CNC for the opening of the time capsule,” said Dr. Weninger. “It’s a snapshot of CNC 25 years ago. Opening it is an occasion for optimism as we highlight CNC’s importance in the region and acknowledge the resilience and creativity needed to deliver on the College’s mandate.”

The items from CNC’s time capsule will remain on display at CNC’s Library. CNC’s 50th anniversary celebrations continue with an open house and gala event at the end of February.

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