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Everything all at once

Welcome to November in Prince George, otherwise known as “All the seasons in three days, Part 2).”

Last weekend was incredibly depressing for me every time I poked my nose outside. It was never really raining, but it was always kind of heavy-misting.

You turn the wipers on for a couple of seconds, then they start squeaking because there’s no moisture to wipe so you turn them off again, then five seconds later you turn them on again because you can’t see through the moisture on the window.

Rinse and repeat.

Spent a few hours at Studio Fair on Saturday at the CFIS table in the foyer. Pretty good crowds, and I’m still amazed how many people I know from one thing or another go by in a few hours.

Most of them had the chance to drop by and chat for a couple of minutes; some I just waved at and they waved back.

I did figure out one thing this year for getting to Studio Fair. I had a remote for my other radio job on Saturday, ending at 1. I had to be at our table at Studio Fair at 2. I wasn’t worried about the time factor, because it doesn’t actually take that long to take down a remote and take it back to the station.

I finished that in decent time and did some thinking (which is highly unusual for me).

I could drive over by the Civic Centre, probably spend 10 minutes looking for a parking spot, then spend another five minutes walking to Studio Fair from my parking spot.

Or I could park in the company parking lot (empty on the weekend) which is about two minutes away from the station, and then walk to Studio Fair from there.

I chose the second method and got to Studio Fair about 10 minutes before my shift started, which meant I got some flak from the people already there about being late, because I’m normally half an hour early for almost anything.

I have always been early, which came in handy sometimes when I was in the newspaper business. There would be a photo opportunity like a cheque presentation set for 2 p.m. I would get there at 1:40, everybody else was already there, and I could get my picture and be gone by 1:45.

It also meant I had a better chance of getting a somewhat different picture than anyone else, since we weren’t taking the picture at the same time.

I just hope the weather is decent for Remembrance Day on Monday.

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