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Smile Cookie Campaign raises $42,000

Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation has received the proceeds from the Smile Cookie Campaign held throughout all eight Tim Horton’s locations in Prince George.

A total of $42,142.42 was raised from September 16-22.

The funds will go towards the purchase of a new video laryngescope to be used at UHNBC. The video Laryngescope is used to aid in difficult intubation of neonatal patients and children of all ages. Intubation is far easier and less invasive, when visualization is available, but this is a costly item. This improves patient safety, comfort and quality of care – a better overall experience for Children and their care providers.

“We are extremely grateful to Tim Hortons in Prince George, along with everyone who supported the event by purchasing a cookie – or two,” said Judy Neiser, CEO for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. “This brings their total to date to just shy of $400,000 over the 17 years that this campaign has been running with all funds directed to improve health outcomes for pediatric patients in the north. It is such a fun event for everyone.”

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