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Saik’uz First Nation forest licence gets good audit result

An audit of non-renewable forest licence A91154, held by the Saik’uz First Nation, near Vanderhoof, has found compliance with the Forest and Range Practices Act and the Wildfire Act, according to a new report.

The forest licence is held by the Saik’uz, but all planning and activities were carried out by the Sinclar Group on behalf of the Nation.

“Our audit found that all activities met the legal requirements,” said Kevin Kriese, chair of the Forest Practices Board, in a news release. “We were also pleased to see that Sinclar Group is working with biomass companies in the Vanderhoof area to allow them access to wood waste. Waste piles were ground on site and transported to the biomass facilities and the work was done promptly to ensure that the fire hazard was abated within the required time period.”

Auditors examined 22 cutblocks, 27 kilometres of new road and 17 kilometres of maintained road, three new bridges, one maintained bridge, and planting and regeneration of logged sites. They also checked activities for compliance with the forest stewardship plan and site plans, and applicable land-use orders.

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