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As Trump calls for prescription drug imports from Canada, most north of the 49th call that bad medicine

Recent days have seen United States President Donald Trump reiterate calls for his own Health Department to speed upefforts to import prescription drugs from north of the border. This, after Trump proposed a plan to allow bulk imports from Canada earlier this year, largely unbeknownst to Canadian officials.

Experts in Canada have suggested that Trump’s proposal could put the Canadian prescription drug supply at risk and it appears that most residents agree.

Much of this anxiety may owe to the fact that many Canadians already face problems with filling their prescriptions.

Four-in-ten (40%), across all levels of income, say that they, or someone in their household, have had difficulty getting their prescriptions filled. That is, they were sent to another pharmacy, only given a portion of their prescription or told their prescription could not be filled at all.

canadian prescription drug use

More Key Findings:

  • Among the 40 per cent of Canadians who say they or someone in their household has had issues getting a prescription filled due to shortages, 47 per cent say that this has happened more than twice
  • Against this backdrop, four-in-five Canadians (79%) say that it is not their responsibility to help lower the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S., and that Canada should focus on its own supply
  • Four-in-five Canadians (78%) say that they support some form of investment toward a national pharmacare program, rising to 86 per cent among those with a household income of less than $50 thousand

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