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Minority government not a bad thing: Calogheros

Liberal candidate Tracy Calogheros watches long time Liberal Ralph Goodale’s concession speech on television on election night. Bill Phillips photo

Liberal Tracy Calogheros feels she ran a good campaign, but it just wasn’t enough to unseat incumbent Conservative Todd Doherty in Cariboo-Prince George.

“I can only offer the voters what I have to offer,” she said on election night. “If that’s not what they want, I get it. That’s how it works, that’s what democracy is … I enjoyed 2015 and I liked 2019 even more. I got to meet a lot of people. Generally I’m proud of how I ran this campaign.”

With the Liberals now looking at governing with a minority, Calogheros says that isn’t a bad thing.

“I don’t there’s anything necessarily wrong with a minority government,” she said. “I’ve been saying throughout this campaign that we need to listen to each other, and in a minority situation, they have no choice. Everyone needs to work together to find solutions to move everything forward. I’m not unhappy with a minority government and I am happy the Liberals are in the driver’s seat.”

For Calogheros, it’s back to work as the CEO of The Exploration Place, which she says is a pretty sweet consolation prize.

“I’ve got a job that I love,” she said. “It would have been great to win and be able to represent this riding and I was excited about it. But I would have had to leave a job that I love. I’m quite happy to come back to work here at The Exploration Place.”

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