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New pool safety standards launched at Four Seasons Pool and Aquatic Centre

Next time you head for a swim or attend lessons at the pools, you’ll notice new wristbands for children nine years of age & under.

The PG Aquatic Centre and Four Seasons Leisure Pool have launched new Pool Safety Standards for children 9 years of age and under based on recommendations from the Canadian Lifesaving Society for public swimming pools.

The coloured bands, which identify younger swimmers based on a three-colour system, is used as a tool for lifeguards to quickly recognize various age groups and swim abilities, educate parents about safety, and ensure swimmers do not enter sections of the pool that may pose a safety hazard based on their swimming abilities.

Now in effect in Prince George, the three-colour wristbands, which resemble a traffic light system, have been integrated into Safety Standards at both pools:

  • Green – Children ages 7 to 9 years who have completed level 5 in swimming lessons or have the ability to swim one length of the pool (25 metres). These swimmers can access deeper areas of the pool.
  • Yellow – Children ages 7 to 9 years who are unable to swim one length of the pool or have not completed swim level 5 must remain in shallow water. Note, if you are unsure of your child’s swimming ability, a lifeguard can provide a free swim test.
  • Red – Children 6 years of age and under, regardless of their swimming ability, must remain in arms reach of a parent or guardian at all times.
    A maximum of three children with red wristbands is permitted per adult.

Children wearing a yellow or red wristband must remain in shallow water unless they are wearing a lifejacket.

More info on Pool Safety Standards

The Canadian Lifesaving Society has identified that children under age 10 lack the experience and judgement to fully understand the dangers of water, and are at a higher risk of drowning. The Society recommends Pool Safety Standards are in place, including an identification system, such as the three-coloured wristband system.

To view more info on the recommended Pool Safety Standards, visit

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