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Local company offers call service to check on those living alone

A Prince George company has launched a service designed to help people living alone who might need help.

Okay Today Calls Inc. (Okay Today) is offering an automated daily reassurance call service providing daily wellness checks for people living alone.

Unlike personal emergency alert notification systems that require someone to wear and press (or otherwise activate) a device to summon help, Okay Today’s proactive alert protocol is initiated when a person does not, or cannot, respond.

Reassurance calls are placed to someone at scheduled times, asking them to confirm that they are okay. If the person’s fine, they simply need to press 1 on their phone, or to press 3 if they want assistance. If there is no answer after three calls, contacts are notified so action is taken.

Okay Today Calls Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in Prince George created by CEO Cathie Roney who, in separate instances, lost her father and a friend; tragically neither found until several days after passing.

Roney created Okay Today to help prevent the possible suffering of those needing help, and others from going through the emotional turmoil she’s experienced.

“Okay Today isn’t out to replace the wonderful free volunteer reassurance call services where offered, the cool new phone apps available, or personal emergency notification devices,” she said. “It complements those services and that’s important because up to 50 per cent of people who have alert devices don’t wear them. My father was found just a few feet from his. The beauty of Okay Today’s services is that no one needs to call, wear, or do anything to activate our alert protocol.”

Okay Today is a very simple, secure, and affordable way to make sure that someone’s okay, every day. There’s no equipment to lease, rent or buy, no installation, no long-term contracts, no set up or cancellation fees, no additional purchases, no hidden fees, nor are there any devices that need to be worn. To receive services, all that’s needed is a touch tone phone (includes cell phones), telephone service and internet access. Account set up is fast and easy, super secure, and can be managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world with internet service.

Customer’s have complete control of call types, days, and times. Calls can easily be stopped at any time, such as for appointments, hospital stays, and vacations, and restarted again when needed. In addition to daily reassurance calls, Okay Today will also remind people to take their medications at appointed times. Services are purchased online at

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