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Candidates respond to abortion question

Todd Doherty – Conservative Party of Canada

It was the first question of the night. Conservative candidate Todd Doherty felt the question was out of line, but gave a surprisingly personal and heartfelt answer.

“Yes or no, is abortion murder?” was the first question asked of five Cariboo-Prince George candidates at the Trinity United Church all-candidates forum last week.

“That’s an unfair question because as a Christian, I was married very young, had a child very young,” said Doherty. “That right there, should tell you my beliefs. I’m also the father of three amazing young women. I hope that through my wife’s and my guidance through life, that we have provided them with the resources and tools and the knowledge of God that they make the right choice that fits them. I also think we should not punish those who are hurting, or in crisis, that we should be helping them.”

People’s Party of Canada candidate Jing Lan Yang gave a rambling answer, but finally said she doesn’t support abortion rights.

“Abortion is a very painful topic to me,” she said. “When people talk about women’s rights, I always believe it’s about women have the right to have as many children as they want or they have the right not to have any children.”

Discussion on abortion rights is a “trap,” she said.

Jing Lan Yang – People’s Party of Canada

“Pregnancy, to me, is the most beautiful thing,” she said. “Pregnancy can be prevented. We are not talking about those things. If we talk about those things, we don’t need to talk about abortion. I don’t support abortion.”

She said she supports education for women and, if they get pregnant, get family support if they having problems “instead of an abortion clinic.”

New Democrat candidate Heather Sapergia was succinct in her answer to a yes-or-no question

“No,” she said.

Liberal candidate Tracy Calogheros and Green candidate Mackenzie Kerr were also succinct in their answers.

“No, it’s a person’s right to choose,” said Kerr.

“I’m with Mackenzie,” said Calogheros. “No, it is a person’s right to choose.

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