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Haters will get the heave-ho this election campaign

The award for the most crass political comment of the campaign (so far) goes to People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier who, in true Trump-ian style, criticized a 16-year-old girl with Asperger’s.

Bernier, in a tweet of course since face-to-face bullying is so 20th Century, called Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, “mentally unstable.” It’s reprehensible for Bernier to trash a teenage girl who likely has a Nobel prize in her future. Bernier’s future, meanwhile, will be as an asterisk when discussing the 2019 federal election.

He should be ashamed of himself, as should all those who support him.

Regardless of whether one agrees with what Thunberg is saying, personal attacks are simply unacceptable.

Sadly, it’s more and more commonplace now. The vitriol hurled at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by the brave ‘patriots’ behind Facebook nom-de-plumes is astounding. And, even more deplorable is that they are crawling out from behind the cyberspace bubble.

Canadians should be shocked that Environment Minister Catherine McKenna now needs a security detail because of the threats she’s facing, including verbal threats and taunts in front of her children.

We can blame Trump. We can blame social media. We can blame the additives the United Nations is putting in our food at the behest of the deep state aliens from Pluto.

But the blame rests really on those who feel that demeaning those who disagree with them, even a child, is an appropriate course of action.

The blame also lies on those who stand by and do nothing.

When you see this trash on social media or hear it being spouted by political operatives and/or candidates, tell them it’s unacceptable. Unfriend people who clog your social media feeds with this tripe, block those who wish to reduce political discourse to memes and boorish bafflegab.

Let’s make this election about issues, not idiocy.

The Prince George Daily News will endeavour, over the political campaign and beyond, to keep our tiny corner of the internet clean.

We certainly welcome, and encourage, debate and discussion on the issues during this election.

Those who wish to delve into personal attacks and spit hateful venom won’t be tolerated. Such comments on our website simply won’t be approved, so don’t bother. They will also be deleted on our social media feeds as soon as we’re aware of them and the posters will be blocked. It’s that simple.

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