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Hack a habit, help a kid

Kyle Bachman of Northland Dodge, John Brink of the Brink Group of Companies, Christine Nichols of Kidsport Prince George, and Andy Beesley of the Prince George Cougars unveil the Habit Hack Challenge. Bill Phillips photo

Could you kick a $5 habit a month? It could be guilty pleasure like an expensive coffee once in a while. Would you do it if it helped local kids participate in sports?

The Habit Hack Challenge is hoping you will and direct that $5 would would spend on that pumpkin spice latte (yes it is the season) to KidSport Prince George.

The Prince George Cougars Hockey Club, in partnership with KidSport Prince George, and Hell Yeah Prince George (HYPG) unveiled the challenge yesterday.

The challenge’s purpose is to create healthy habits in our community and help KidSport Prince George meet their goal of getting 200 local kids into organized sports. The Habit Hack Challenge begins on Sunday, September 8, and ends when KidSport has reached their target of $30,000.

The Cougars are working with HYPG to ensure KidSport reaches their goal of helping 200 kids play sports.  In addition to the Habit Hack challenge, over the next 25 days, watch for the Cougars and their supporters sharing pictures with the “Focus on the Awesome” sign.  Each day over the next 25 days, the Cougars will donate $20 to KidSport.  Additionally, Northland Dodge and Rivers Edge Services will match another $20 each.

“The PG Cougars are very pleased to be partnering with KidSport and HYPG to raise money to help kids get involved with sports,” said Cougars’ Vice President, Business Andy Beesley. “We all think it’s so important for kids to not only stay healthy and active, but to experience the many positive aspects of participating in organized sports … One of the challenges we are facing in this community to to try and get more kids involved in sports.”

Starting Sunday, September 8, participants using either Facebook or Instagram declare one habit they are willing to give up for one year and donate $5 per month to KidSport Prince George. Participants have 24 hours to declare their hack and challenge family members, friends, and colleagues to also join the Habit Hack Challenge, using the hashtags #habithackpg and #SoALLkidscanplay.

KidSport is a non-profit organization that raises money to help local kids get into organized sport.

“We have been providing, on average, 180 kids per year the opportunity to get into a season of sport,” said Christine Nicholls. “We ensure that financially strapped families have a way to engage the power of sport in their children.”

The Brink Group of Companies is partnering to help KidSport in the Habit Hack Challenge, and spokesperson Scott McWalter says his organization is thrilled to team up for such a worthy cause.

“The Brink Group of Companies is profoundly delighted to partner with KidSport Prince George to ensure they reach their fundraising goal of $30,000. The Habit Hack Challenge is a fun, innovate way to raise money for an outstanding local charity. Every local child deserves the right to participate in the sport(s) they love, and we’re committed to ensure this remains a possibility.”

The Cougars are looking forward to participating in the Habit Hack Challenge and supporting this campaign over the next 25 days.  Look for the Cougars Habit Hack videos on the KidSport Facebook and Instagram pages, and consider participating by making your own video and donating money to KidSport.

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