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Northern FanCon launches $100K crowdfunding campaign

Northern FanCon director and owner of UNLTD Media & Events Norm Coyne. Bill Phillips photo

Northern FanCon is stepping out on its own.

Or, more specifically, the company behind the annual event, UNLTD Media & Events, is stepping out on its own.

Local newspaper The Prince George Citizen passed the reins of Northern FanCon to event partners UNLTD Media & Events yesterday after five years of working together on the entertainment expo.

“The Citizen is a great community partner and leader on many fronts and this initiative was something they saw great value in. “ said Northern FanCon director and owner of UNLTD Media & Events Norm Coyne, “(Citizen publisher) Colleen (Sparrow) and her team agreed to support Northern FanCon until we (UNLTD Media & Events) were in a position to take it over with confidence.”

One of the first order of business for UNLTD is to raise some cash. To do so, Coyne said they will be front-loading ticket sales, booth sales and sponsorships for the event through crowdfunding in order to guarantee the event moves forward for the proposed dates of May 8-10, 2020. Perks for the various levels of pledges will be discounted or enhanced tickets, booths, and sponsorships. The funding goal is $100,000 – a target he feels is attainable based on past sales for the event.

The crowdfund for Northern FanCon is set to launch on August 30 and will run for 30 days. Full details of the campaign will be released on that day through the Northern FanCon website and social media channels at:

Since it’s inaugural year, this annual event has seen nearly 60,000 attendees and attracted guests like William Shatner, Karl, Urban, Alan Tudyk, Amy Acker, Levar Burton, Kevin Smith, Tricia Helfer, Edward James Olmos, Jason Mewes, LeeAnna Vamp, Ivy Doomkitty, AniMia, Lindsay Elyse, Jewel Staite, Tia Carrere, Alicia Witt, Giancarlo Esposito, Isaiah Mustafa, Brett Dalton, Michael Hogan, John De Lancie, Jewel Staite, Sean Astin, Nichelle Nichols, , Michael Biehn, Tricia Helfer, and many others.

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