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Prince George Humane Society looks for change

Prince George Humane Society board members Kirby MacInnes (left) and Marina Crick announce Change for Change, a fund raising drive for the society. Bill Phillips photo

There is no doubt the Prince George Humane Society has saved a lot of lives over the years.

But who will be a life saver for the society?

It could be you … and all it will cost you is some loose change.

The society has launched its Change for Change campaign, which, if successful, will be a life saver for the charity dedicated to helping between 1,500 and 2,000 animals that are abused and/or injured every year.

“It costs about $300,000 per year to run the Prince George Humane Society, and that can vary depending on how many animals we take in,” said Marina Crick, society board member.

Those costs are primarily driven by the costs of caring for the animals they care for, including veterinary bills and food.

The goal of the Change for Change campaign is to raise $30,000, which will enable the society to keep operating into the fall. Otherwise, it will be looking at closing its doors in two months’ time.

“We going to be asking 500 ‘Animal Heroes’ to come and help us ask for donations,” said Crick. “This donation can bring in $30,000 to $100,000, depending on how people are wanting to be generous. You can give change, you can give notes. Anything helps. It’s to help keep our doors open.”

Costs to keep the office, just off First Avenue, are expensive.

“Our donations are down,” said Kirby MacInnes, board member. “When the donations went down and costs went up, we got into a bit trouble. The idea is we’re looking for 500 heroes to come in, take a can, take change out of your truck, or your purse, or if local businesses want to get involved. If we get enough we should be able to keep our doors open.”

The fundraising campaign will run for two weeks.

“This will give us time to restructure, which is the process we’re in right now,” said MacInnes. “It will give us that time and still be able to provide for the community. At the end of the day, the animals keep coming whether our doors are open or not. Other rescues feel the pinch of these animals coming in.”

The society has cut the executive director position.

“We had to make the decision to pay our staff,” said MacInnes. “Melissa Garner, who was the executive director, was gracious enough and had some other job opportunities and she was willing to go.”

The Change 4 Change campaign will run for the next two weeks. You can make a donation at the Prince George Humane Society’s location near First Avenue (Unit 11- 1839 Industrial Cariboo Estates) and at Change 4 Change tins in the community.

You can also donate online:

Click Here To Donate

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