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BCNE provides a very busy few days in the city

It was the 107th edition of the BC Northern Exhibition on the weekend at the Exhibition Grounds.

But at the same time, as a former newspaper proofreader, I have a bit of a problem with that statement. It wasn’t the 107th BCNE. It was the 107th Prince George fall fair, but it has had different names over the years. I think it was the PG Exhibition until about six or seven years ago.

OK, I’m hanging up my proofreader’s visor for the moment.

I was at the BCNE for three of the four days, spending time working for two different radio stations.

I was there Thursday and Friday for CFIS community radio, spending some time on air and the rest of the time at our booth. Both shifts were fun. I hosted the After Nine show on Thursday morning, and it was all people from the BCNE.

That was partly because that was the big story of the day, and partly because we didn’t have to worry about getting passes for guests having to come in for the show. It was fun talking to all the guests.

Then I was the regular on-air host for a couple of hours before I got a couple of hours off. Then we did some fast equipment juggling to get the gear from the BCNE to Citizen Field for the Senior Men’s Baseball League game.

Friday we were back at the BCNE for more fun meeting people passing through Kin 1. I had the chance to chat with some people I knew who came by the booth as well as a lot of people I didn’t know. I made sure I got up when I got the chance to stretch my legs and walk around Kin 1, usually stopping to chat with a couple of other vendors each time.

Saturday, I was back at the BCNE, but in a totally different role. I was working for The River radio setting up their remote that afternoon. You may remember Saturday as the day it rained almost all day, varying in intensity.

I believe the two strongest downpours were first, when I was bringing the equipment in from the truck to set up, and second, when I was taking the equipment back out to the truck at the end of the remote.

You know, the two times when I was outside. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

I didn’t have quite as much time there to chat with people for two reasons: I was working to a deadline to get us up and running, and, as I may have mentioned, it was raining.

And now we get to wait a whole 11-and-a-half months to do it all over again.

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