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Prince George’s newest traffic signals activated

Tuesday afternoon, contracted crews and electricians working for the City of Prince George completed the construction of a new set of traffic signals at the intersection of 22nd Avenue and Ospika Boulevard.

The signal lights are currently flashing red to act as a four-way stop to allow crews to monitor signal timing and vehicle detection, and to increase public awareness and allow drivers time to grow accustomed to the new intersection.  

On Friday, August 9 the signals will be fully activated and function as a regular intersection featuring “permissive left turns,” which means turning can occur on the green light when it is safe to do so.

The new signals operate in a manner similar to those the city installed in 2017 at the Ospika and Ferry Avenue intersection. The updated intersection also has vehicle detection technology and pedestrian-activated crosswalks. Left-turn lanes have been added to 22nd Avenue in both directions – and were already present at the intersection on Ospika. Nearby streetlights have also been updated.

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