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Wacky weather leads to Random Ramblings

This weather has depressed me to the point where I can’t concentrate on any subject for too long, so it’s time for Random Ramblings.

  • I’m wondering if anyone in Ottawa really put a lot of thought into when they scheduled the fixed date for our federal elections. The third Monday in October puts it one week after Thanksgiving. To cynics, that means we’re eating turkeys one Monday and electing them the next Monday.
  • A fair number of people I’ve spoken to over the past week or so agree that the weather we’re getting right is pretty depressing. Almost all of them, however, quickly add they’d sooner have this than the smoke from forest fires we had the last couple of summers.
  • At 1 p.m. our time today, the door slams shut on the Major League Baseball trading deadline. As I write this about 23 hours before that, everyone is still waiting for the onslaught of trades which were predicted by the experts. Yes, the Marcus Stroman trade from the Blue Jays was fairly big, but there are a lot of other names that the people in the know were sure were going to be trading teams, especially since there is no second trade deadline this year.
  • If you didn’t catch a bit of sarcasm in my references just now to “experts” and “people in the know,” you don’t know me very well. One of my favourite memories was a few years ago when TSN had scheduled about eight hours of in-studio trade coverage on the NHL deadline – and then virtually nothing happened. So what you had was a bunch of guys sitting around talking to each other about trades that that had happened a few days earlier and had been talked to death then.
  • There are mornings where I wake up after a good night’s sleep, and I’m ready to conquer the world. Then I go to get out of bed and my knees go, “who are you kidding?”
  • So we’re passing from one of the two months in the Western calendar named after a real person to the second one. And if you want to find another name in the calendar, just look at the initials of the five months starting in July. (July-August-September-October-November)
  • Yes, that last bit was incredibly trivial, but that’s what I’m reduced to at this time of year.

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