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Nearly 390 kilometres of highway improvements in northern B.C.

Crews are starting work on a highway resurfacing project on Highway 37 between Stewart and Dease Lake.

This is one of nine major highway projects in northern B.C. that cover nearly 390 kilometres of highways and side roads.

This $7.9-million project includes approximately 27 kilometres of resurfacing along Highway 37, starting about 60 kilometres north of the Meziadin Junction and continuing north to Burrage Air Strip.

The contractor, Pittman Asphalt of Prince George, will work to minimize traffic disruptions for people who live and work in this area.

There are eight other major resurfacing projects taking place in northern B.C. this summer:

* Highway 97 (near Fort St. John): hot-in-place recycling for 45 kilometres of Highway 97, 10 kilometres of Beatton Airport Road and seven kilometres of 271 Road.

* Highway 97 (near Taylor): overlay asphalt resurfacing for 6.5 kilometres of Highway 97 from North Taylor Hill to the intersection of Swanson Road and Lumber Road, as well as a total of seven kilometres on various Peace District side roads.

* Highway 97 (near Dawson Creek): hot-in-place resurfacing for 52.8 kilometres of Highway 97 from East Pine Road to Road 247.

* Highway 52 (near Tumbler Ridge): sealcoating for 58.9 kilometres of Highway 52, from Junction 29 to Rat Lake Road.

* Highways 16 and 97 (near Prince George): mill and fill asphalt resurfacing for 34.2 kilometres of Highway 16 from Hooper Road to Jutland Road and Highway 97 from 5th Avenue to North Kelly Road.

* Highway 16 (near Burns Lake): mill and fill asphalt resurfacing for 36.4 kilometres of Highway 16 from Endako to Fort Fraser and Burns Lake Arterial.

* Highway 16 (near Telkwa): sealcoating for 34.7 kilometres of Highway 16 from Tower Road to Wakefield Road and on Babine Lake Road.

* Highway 16 (near Hazelton): sealcoating for 68.5 kilometres of Highway 16 from Boulder Creek West to New Hazelton and along the Kispiox Valley Road.

Highway resurfacing improves the safety and efficiency of the roadway, provides safer driving conditions for the travelling public and improves the movement of goods and services.

In total, there are 20 major highway and related infrastructure projects underway in northern B.C., representing an investment of nearly $154 million.

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