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GoFundMe campaign set up to help Jim Good and Goodsir Nature Park

Jim Good

It’s pretty much impossible to tour Goodsir Nature Park and not be moved by the experience.

That’s exactly what happened to Claire and Kieron Warner. They were so moved by the experience that they have set up a GoFundMe page to help the park and its creator Jim Good, who has had two heart attacks and major heart surgery as a result.

“He has also spent the majority of his own money on this park over the past four decades and is now in financial despair and his quality of living has reached an awful level by not being able to afford basic necessities,” they wrote on the GoFundMe page.  “Jim is now living in such difficult poverty stricken circumstances and can no longer perform daily park maintenance tasks due to having a quadruple heart bypass surgery.  This has significantly impaired his physical and emotional health, adversely affecting his lifestyle.”

Good started homesteading on the property in Salmon Valley in the early 1980s and then created the park, which marked its 30th anniversary last month. What is unique about the park is that it contains living samples of trees and shrubs from the four corners of the country.

“It is the story of Canada,” Good told the Daily News last fall.

Good gathered all the living samples along with those housed in a botanical museum himself. So while the park is an outstanding display of Canada’s botanical biodiversity, it is also a travelogue of Good’s life. The park also houses a Botanical Gardens and Museum and Good’s spectacular Musical Archive and Studio.

The GoFundMe goal is to raise $10,000 for Good. Every penny raised will help offset Good’s financial stress that is gravely affecting his health. John Brink, CEO and founder of the Brink Group of Companies, has agreed to personally match the first $5,000 in donations for Jim. 

“Jim is living like a Third World citizen in beyond terrible conditions,” wrote the Warners. “He hasn’t told anyone about this until recently because he didn’t want it to affect his park’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations. Jim Good has single-handedly built and provided the city of Prince George with an increase in tourism, recreational leisure, education and a beautiful sanctuary for nature lovers over the years.”

Good’s furnace is cracked and this alone is a major fire hazard in his rural home.  He does not have a safe fire burning unit and he takes the risk every time he makes a fire to keep himself warm.   This is not only causing him to burn excessive amounts of wood, but his home is in serious jeopardy of burning down without major repairs to his central heating system.

The chimney in his house also needs some repairs and his propane tank, which hasn’t been used for years needs servicing and repairs as well. If fixed, it could reduce the amount of wood he would need to burn.

Everything is heated by wood.
Everything is heated by wood.

“Jim physically does not have the strength to chop or even carry the wood anymore, so requires an electric log splitter to aid him in preparing firewood in his yard,” the Warners wrote.

The 30-year-old hot water tank also needs replacing.

“We believe Jim deserves an EXTREME home makeover and all of our support as a small gesture of our gratitude,” they said. “We are concerned that Jim needs these repairs urgently given that all of the work needs to be completed before our winter which begins in October 2019.”

The campaign has raised $3,060 so far. You can help by clicking here.

Read more about Goodsir Nature Park here.

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