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Park Drive-In Theatre goes up for sale

There’s nothing better on a warm summer night than heading out to the drive-in to catch a good movie and enjoy the night sky.

How about going to the drive-in and getting to pick which movie is playing? Even better.

How about going to the drive-in, getting to pick which movie is playing, and getting paid for your efforts? Even better yet.

Throw in owning a piece of Prince George history and you have a winning combination for someone.

The Park Drive-In Theatre, Raceway Go-Karts and Mini-Golf is up for sale and for $479,000 you can take over this turn-key business operation that has been a part of Prince George for generations.

It is, essentially, three businesses in one, says listing agent Ron Gallo of Boardwalk Properties.

“It’s been a family-run business for the last few years,” said Gallo. “Even before, with the previous owners, it was a family-run business and that’s what they’re hoping it will continue to be.”

He says there is also an opportunity for someone to invest in the operation. The site, located just off Chief Lake Road, is eight acres, with about six being used for the drive-in, go-cart track, and mini-golf course.

“There’s still two acres that are undeveloped and ready for expansion of the business,” said Gallo. “There’s also revenue potential with (localized billboard) advertising. There’s definitely advertising opportunities and revenue possibilities.”

Gallo said there is also the possibility to extend the hours of operation, such as showing movies during the week.

Gallo says it truly is a turn-key operation as whoever buys it will get some training on how to run a movie, which is digital and a lot easier than the old days of feeding film and hope you have it installed the right way. The new owners will also learn how to maintain the go-karts, the track, and the mini-golf course.

“Essentially, they are prepared to leave everything behind (including an $80,000 projector),” said Gallo. “As far as the extras go, the golf clubs, the balls, the go-carts, the track maintenance tools, the helmets, any of the inventory that’s in the concession, it will all go.”

. Somebody could put in an offer this weekend and be showing a movie under their name. It’s definitely an opportunity for the right person.”

The Park Drive-In Theatre is one of only three drive-ins in British Columbia and one of 28 in Canada.

“There are opportunities for the entire family to go and enjoy the go-carts and the mini-golf,” said Gallo. “It’s not just for the kids.”

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