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GoFundMe campaign set up for Prince George woman severely injured in mountain bike accident

Warren and Chantelle Grafton

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help Prince George resident Chantelle Grafton who was severely injured in a mountain biking accident near Valemount June 15.

Chantelle was medevaced to Edmonton where she has been in the neurological ICU ever since. She badly damaged three vertebrae and her spinal cord, according to the GoFundMe page set up by Curtis Mayes.

“Thankfully her helmet did its job and she has no brain trauma so the Chantelle that we all know and love is with us,” it says.

Generally, a person with Chantelle’s injury is expected to have no movement below the neck and be unable to breathe without the use of a ventilator. Chantelle has been making huge progress with her breathing, but is still in need of some help.

“Chantelle has gained slight sensation in her left toes and right big toe,” said Warren Grafton in a Facebook post. “She may gain or lose sensation for up to a year which is when we are told you will roughly know what you have to work with. The main hurdle remains the ventilator which we remain hopeful will not be necessary one day.”

Chantelle and Warren have many immediate needs for funding while they are in Edmonton as well as preparing for Chantelle’s return to Prince George and long term future care.

There is a financial opportunity available to Chantelle called a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). The great thing about this type of plan is that every year, the government will multiply a payment of $1,500 to the RDSP, for an annual total of $5,000. For more info on the RDSP please go to:

The goal for the GoFundMe fundraising campaign is to ensure their current needs are being met and their future needs are being prepared for.

“We plan to help them make the maximum annual RDSP payment, $1,500 a year for the next 22 years, which equals $33,000,” said Mayes. “The funds sitting in their account will also be available for any current or future needs encountered (housing, food, accessibility renos, a powerchair, etc.).”

Suggested Donation Amounts are:

$100– Graf-Ton of Meat- Keep Chantelle and Warren From Starving!

$250– Graf-Ton of Bricks- Stop Warren and Chantelle from Being Homeless!

$500– Graf-Ton of Dog Food- Pepper has to eat too, ya know!

$1000– Graf-Ton of Beer- Wow, do they deserve a drink. Or, like, many drinks!

$1500 – 1 full annual RDSP payment!

Warren and Chantelle are moved by the support they have, and continue to, receive.

“Most have never seen me shed a tear and those who have were immediately dispatched but I honestly squirt some when I hear what people are doing,” posted Warren. “The contributions from our friends, family and strangers are no short of stunning and we just can’t say how much we feel loved. All I want out of this is to be able to give Chantelle a piece of what she had before, and it almost seems possible with the help we have received. I’m so happy you have all seen what I have in Chantelle to make you want to help her in this way. Many of you have reached out offering help in a multitude of ways. I can assure you, we are well taken care of including our house which seems to be invaded on the regular by do gooders.”

Click here for Chantelle and Warren’s GoFundMe Page

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