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Kershaw wins silver at Toronto Pro Super Show

Prince George bodybuilder Kendall Kershaw brought some silver home from Toronto this month. She won a silver medal at the Toronto Pro Super Show which is an international pro qualifier. She was in the open bikini body building category. Competing in the bikini division means not getting massively built, as one might expect with bodybuilding, however it does involve building muscle and toning. It also means a lot of training and learning how to pose in a bikini and … six-inch heels. It is challenging, and learning how to breathe properly in order to hold your pose for the judges is as important as toning and building muscles.

Kershaw also placed fourth in her group round for the Maxim Canada Cover Girl contest.

Kershaw has been invited to the Olympia as a Magnum Neutraceuticals-sponsored athlete for promotions and model shoots in September.

While bodybuilding is all about getting one’s body to the best physique, getting into the right frame of mind is just as important.

“I’m a huge advocate for the whole positive vibe thing, and I know that sounds kind of cliché,” she told the PG Daily News last year, adding she is a fan of The Secret. “I believe in visualization and manifesting good things for yourself. That’s probably the biggest thing for me, even more so than the training, more so than the dieting, is just seeing myself where I want to be and doing what it takes to put myself there.”

She is sponsored locally by the Brink Group of Companies and Reflex supplements.

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