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Busy year for Foothills, Mackenzie landfills

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George board has approved the 2018 annual reports for the Mackenzie and Foothills Blvd Regional Landfills.

Highlights of year from the Foothills Landfill include

• a total of 115,615 tonnes of material was managed at the Foothills facility;

• 36,720 tonnes of material received at the Landfill were diverted through recycling, onsite use as cover material or compost;

• approximately 72,741 tonnes of waste was buried at the facility from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018;

• 6,154 tonnes of yard and garden waste were received in 2018.

Mackenzie highlights include:

• approximately 6,590 tonnes of waste was buried at the facility;

• with the facility being 100 per cent fenced with electrified fence, no wildlife activities reported onsite for 2018;

• approximately 10,070 litres of waste oil was collected and recycled.

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