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Nukko Lake community gearing up for sports day

A special year-end celebration at Nukko Lake Elementary School is taking shape.

Nukko Lake, one of the rural gems in School District No. 57, is holding a sports day on Friday, June 21. But, sporting activities will be just one part of a multi-faceted morning and afternoon.

In Canada, June 21 is also National Indigenous Peoples Day. In recognition, the day at Nukko Lake will start with a pancake breakfast and the Khastan Drummers at about 8:15 a.m. Once breakfast wraps up, the students – who range from Kindergarten to Grade 7 – will participate in games and activities. A couple of the more traditional sporting options will be the long jump and 100-metre dash races.

“It’s going to be great,” said Corrie Fielding of the Nukko Lake Parent Advisory Council.

“It’s just about getting them outside, being active, having fun and bringing the community together. Because we live rurally, we’re not necessarily forgotten but we’re a very small school so we want people to know that we make the best things possible for our children out here and we want to share it with Prince George.”

The school sits near the scenic shores of Nukko Lake and has enrolment of about 100 students.

Community support for the event is strong. Parent volunteers will be cooking breakfast (alongside school Aboriginal Education Worker Rhonda Sutherland) and running two of the activity stations. And, at lunch time, local business owners Niki Hunniford and Andres Bucher will be serving up hamburgers and other goodies – free of charge to the students – from their Hunniford Meats food truck.

“Usually our parents are cooking like crazy but this time, with the food truck, lunch is just going to come to us,” said Nukko Lake Principal Joyce Willows. “Our PAC asked if they could rent the truck but Hunniford said they would just donate the food. It’s very generous and much appreciated.”

Based on past experience at Nukko Lake sports days, Willows expects a good time will be had by all.

“The kids look forward to it all year and so do our parents,” she said. “It’s usually a pretty exciting day for everybody and it’s a community-building day – just a celebration of all of our hard work all year long.”

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