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Memorial scholarship benefits pair of CNC nursing students

CNC President Henry Reiser, CNC practical nursing students Shaudee Lavoie and Lisa Blackley, Perry and Cindy Adey. CNC photo

Tuition for two semesters will not be worry for two CNC nursing students named the recipients of the Dillon Adey Memorial 10th Anniversary Scholarship.

This special award, valued at $7,000 each, was created to commemorate the positive influence and support that the Dillon Adey Memorial Endowment and annual golf tournament has brought to CNC, its students, and the community in the decade since Dillon’s passing.

Wanting to do something special for the 10-year anniversary, Perry and Cindy Adey proposed a $10,000 scholarship in memory of their son that would substantially impact the life of one student. When reviewing the applicants, however, the Adey family came to a deadlock between CNC nursing students Shaudee Lavoie and Lisa Blackley.

“Both students had stories that touched our family,” Perry said. “We really couldn’t choose. Since Dillon’s favourite number was 14, we decided to increase the amount to $14,000 and give two scholarships worth $7,000 each.”

Blackley, who is in the first year of CNC’s practical nursing (PN) program, said she was in shock when she learned she was chosen to receive the award. A mother of two, she said the money will ease the financial stress of living on her husband’s income alone while she attends school fulltime.

“I’m very honoured to receive this generous award,” Blackley said. “Words cannot express my gratitude. It’s life changing, really.”

Lavoie, like Blackley, is a mother who had her household drop to single income when she went back to school fulltime. As a PN student, she said Dillon’s memory has contributed greatly to her education through the donated equipment that fills the nursing lab.

“I’m beyond grateful to be selected for this award,” she said. “What they’ve done for us in the coming year is amazing. We can focus on our studies while having more time for the family.”

On June 15, 2019, the 10th annual Dillon Adey Memorial Cup Golf Tournament at the Aberdeen Glen Golf Course raised more than $21,000. The Adeys are one of the College’s longest and most gracious donors, giving more than $214,000 to CNC.

“For a decade, the community has come together to celebrate the legacy of an amazing young man,” said CNC President Henry Reiser. “Dillon’s legacy continues to help make brighter future for students as they pursue their educational goals.”

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