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Canfor to close Taylor pulp mill for five weeks

Canfor Pulp Products will be closing its BCTMP pulp mill in Taylor for five weeks this summer.

The company announced today that it will close the pulp mill from June 29 through August 5, due to a combination of weaker market conditions and short-term fibre constraints resulting from industry-wide mill closures in the B.C. interior.

The announcement comes a week after Canfor announced it will temporarily shut down operations at all its British Columbia sawmills, except WynnWood.

The majority of mills will be shut down for two weeks or the equivalent, with extended shut downs of four weeks at Houston and Plateau, and six weeks at Mackenzie.

The mill shut downs are scheduled to run from June 17 through July 26.

The BCTMP shut down will reduce Canfor Pulp’s production output by approximately 25,000 tonnes of BCTMP. Canfor Pulp has three northern bleached softwood kraft pulp mills, one BCTMP mill, and one kraft paper mill in BC.

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