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Excessive speeding results in fine and vehicle impound

A speed trap on Foothills Boulevard nabbed a motorists doing more than twice the posted 60km/h speed limit on Monday, May 27.

Officers observed and recorded the vehicle traveling at 131 kilometres per hour.

The driver was an 18-year-old man.  The driver was issued a $483 fine and the vehicle he was driving was impounded for seven days, despite the fact that he was not the registered owner.  In addition, the vehicle tow and storage bill will be the responsibility of the owner.  The investigating officers have submitted a dangerous driver report to the BC Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for future licensing considerations.

During the month of May, the Prince George RCMP focused on targeting speeding and aggressive drivers in our community.  Here are the results of the campaign:

  • 251 – speeding violations
  • 11 – excessive speeding violations with a vehicle impound (including the one mentioned above)
  • 36 – speed in a school zone violations
  • 3 – Fail to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles
  • 3 – Follow too closely
  • 4 – Drive without consideration for others or drive without due care

In addition to the enforcement, RCMP volunteers dedicated 74 hours in the community during the month conducting speed watch, both with and without the assistance of officers.  In all, 4,734 vehicles were observed, with 2,751 of those vehicles traveling above the posted speed.

Speed enforcement will continue throughout the summer.

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