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Man given jail time for McBride police chase that ended in Clearwater

One of the men who led McBride on a lengthy pursuit that ended in Clearwater last December, has been sentenced to eight months in jail.

Daniel Webster, 32, was convicted of multiple offences after he and Michael Rickett, 30, were seen driving through McBride in a pickup truck pulling a jet boat in December 2018. This seemed suspicious to police and McBride RCMP attempted to stop the vehicle. It was learned that the vehicle and boat were stolen. Webster failed to stop for police, however both men were later arrested in Clearwater after a night long police service dog track involving both Prince George and Kamloops units.

Webster was held in custody for 291 days and was sentenced to an additional eight-month jail term. Upon release he will be on a year probation and will be prohibited from driving for five years.

The conviction includes charges from McBride as well as numerous charges from Calgary. Rickett is scheduled to appear in BC Provincial Court in McBride on Friday June 7 to answer to three counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000.

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