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Regional district residents urged to sign up for emergency alert system

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George wants to ensure residents in rural electoral areas get the message when it comes to emergency notifications.

The regional district’s public alerting system is an emergency notification system that enables the regional district to communicate important information quickly in the event of emergencies in the electoral areas.

The system provides emergency notifications via text, text to landline or email regarding significant or imminent threats to public safety including severe weather, wildfire, floods, and other events that may impact residents. The system also provides notification of any evacuation alerts or orders that may be in effect for a certain area.

Registration is simple and free. Click the link on the Regional District homepage at and follow these simple steps:

1. Resident or Visitor: The system will ask you to select if you are a permanent resident of the area, or if you are visiting for a limited time.

2. Name and email: Enter your name and email. Your email address becomes your account user name.

3. Phone number: Register your phone number (or numbers if you have multiple phones you’d like to receive notifications to). These are the numbers the system will use to communicate with you via text for mobile phones or voice recorded notification for land line phones.

4. Set your password: Remember to keep this secure.

5. Select the zone(s) you wish to receive notifications for: You may select one or more areas.

Zone 1 includes Area G (Summit Lake, Bear Lake, McLeod Lake, north of Mackenzie);

Zone 2 includes Areas A,C,D, E and F (Ness Lake, Salmon Valley, Miworth, Beaverly, Buckhorn, West Lake, Pineview, Red Rock, Hixon, Shelley, Penny, Willow River)

Zone 3 includes Area H (Dome Creek, McBride, Dunster, Tete Jaune, Valemount

6. Once all the information has been entered, click ‘finished.’

The system does not provide alerts or notifications for events within the City of Prince George, Village of McBride, Village of Valemount or District of Mackenzie. The system provides notifications for events within the electoral areas of the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George only.

In an emergency, time is of the essence. This system allows the regional district to reach impacted residents to share critical information faster than ever before.

While the public alerting system is another tool to help respond to emergencies, it does not replace the need for personal preparedness. For tips and ideas on what you can do to prepare yourself, your family and your property for emergencies, go to and click the link for Emergency Management information.

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