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Left hanging on a left turn

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell a driver isn’t really paying attention.

A couple of days ago, I was coming up to a red light at an intersection. As I came to a stop, I noticed a driver to my right in the cross street almost totally into the intersection, waiting to make a left turn.

A couple of seconds later, my light turned green, with the other vehicle still sitting in the middle of the intersection.

A couple of seconds later, the driver apparently realized he was blocking traffic (which now had a green light, of course) and backed out of the intersection.

The process I have always followed in that situation, without ever having a problem, is a simple one.

Keep an eye on the traffic coming the other way, of course, and if you see a chance to make your left turn, do so.

Also, though, glance at the light every couple of seconds. When it changes to yellow, keep a closer eye on the oncoming traffic.

Most of the time, those drivers, seeing a yellow light, will slow down and stop, allowing you to make your left turn before the light turns red.

However, this being Prince George, there will occasionally be a total moron who can’t possibly wait the 30 seconds until their light turns green again, and they will stomp their foot on the accelerator as hard as possible to go screaming through the yellow (and sometimes red) light.

This leaves you in the unfortunate situation of having to wait until the light turns red before making your turn to avoid a collision.

As far as I know, there is nothing illegal about that, since it wasn’t your fault you were stuck waiting to make the turn.

And if you do feel bad about it, and somewhat upset with the leadfoot moron who left you stranded in the intersection, remember what I saw in Kamloops some years ago.

It was that exact situation, with the leadfoot starting his run through the yellow light from about half a block away, which meant the light was fully red before he entered the intersection.

What he didn’t see, possibly because of the high rate of speed he was doing, was the police car waiting to make a turn onto the same street.

The lights came on, and justice was served.

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