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Omineca Arts Centre offering artist residencies

The Omineca Arts Centre is seeking applications for its Artist in Residency program to support artists who live in the central interior region of B.C.

There are many underrepresented artists in all the arts disciplines who could use the opportunity to further develop and advance their work through an artist in residence program. These artists deserve the opportunity to show their work and engage with a gallery to raise awareness and gain access to other art opportunities they may not be aware of.

The centre is seeking artists of all skill levels in varied disciplines with diverse backgrounds including emerging artists who have never presented their work, artists who want to participate collaboratively, or professional artists as well.

About the Residencies

Residencies are generally one month in duration.  Omineca is a multi-use facility with weekly programs and special events occurring within the exhibition/studio space. As such, the health and safety of all users must be considered during an artist residency.

The Artist will provide:

  • 20 hours of studio time at the Omineca Arts Centre
  • 3 hr. workshop (or equivalent) with participants from the community
  • 2 week (minimum) exhibition of work

Omineca will provide:

  • Access to the studio during agreed upon hours
  • Materials required for workshops
  • Technical and logistical support
  • Volunteer assistance for the installation and preparation of the exhibition and/or studio space
  • An honorarium of $1000 will be provided in two installments during the residency

Applications now available HERE!

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