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B.C./Alberta – who will tap out?

Does anyone in Alberta seriously think they can cut off oil and gas to British Columbia without repercussions?

Does Jason Kenney (or Rachel Notley before him) actually believe that he can cut oil and gas shipments to B.C. but continue to ship oil through B.C.? Or grain? Or beef? Or canola? Or lumber? Or coal? Or anything?

Premier John Horgan and the NDP government have, so far, taken the grown-up approach to Alberta’s bellicose threat to punish British Columbians for daring to legally challenge the TransMountain pipeline. The irony … apparently oblivious to Kenney, Albertans, and many British Columbians … is that the TransMountain pipeline is being held up by a federal Court of Appeal ruling.

Even so, Horgan has refused to dip into the bellicose pool that he was a master of when he was in Opposition. He said he had a cordial conversation with Kenney the morning after Kenney’s election win in Alberta. Horgan said his job is to work with other premiers, regardless of what political stripe they are.

B.C. has stated it will seek an immediate court injunction should Alberta actually follow through with its threat. And so it should.

However, I would suggest that should Alberta actually follow through, British Columbia would be compelled to retaliate. That retaliation should, at the very least, target Alberta oil and gas shipments through the province and possibly other commodities. Even Conservatives supported Canada’s retaliation when the U.S. arbitrarily started levying tariffs on our goods. Though not exactly the same situation, B.C. would have to retaliate with more than a court injunction.

Hopefully that will never come to pass. It will indeed be a sad, sad chapter in this country’s history should such animosity be allowed to take action. Those in other parts of the world who are sowing the seeds of chaos everywhere must be rubbing their hands with glee.

One of the things that really annoys me is how many B.C. politicians, gushing over Kenney’s win, think that Horgan should run to Edmonton to kiss the ring, bend the knee, and wail “please forgive me, Massa.” And yes, they’re all provincial Liberals and federal Conservatives.

It’s time they remember from which side of the Rockies they hail.

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