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Hey cyclists, use your brain … bucket

I was reminded again this week, as more and more cyclists appear on the roads of the city, why some of them don’t wear helmets.

Helmets, after all, would appear to be a logical (and legal) thing to wear to protect your head and its contents.

Some cyclists, however, are apparently quite aware they have nothing inside their head that needs protecting, so why bother with a helmet?

I saw a few examples of these cyclists this past week, as I found myself out and about more than normal.

One young lady was moving merrily along on her bicycle down a reasonably busy street. She was in the bike lane, and seemed to think that gave her all the protection she needed, since she had her cellphone in one hand and a coffee in the other. That didn’t leave too many hands for steering the bike or applying the brakes, and that obviously didn’t concern her.

Another fellow was actually wearing a helmet, but I suspect he thought of it more as a battering ram as he charged down a sidewalk. There weren’t a lot of pedestrians, but I found myself wondering what would happen if he came upon a couple of people chatting as they strolled down the sidewalk, with no intention of getting out of the bicycling buffoon’s path.

At the speed he was going, he would have been well out into the flow of traffic on the road if he went that way, and if he didn’t, and plowed into the pedestrians, I suspect there would be a lot of charges coming his way.

One cyclist I did see who was doing everything right still ended up in a potentially dangerous position.

She was riding her bicycle at a reasonable speed in the bicycle lane on the right side of the road – everything according to the law.

Until she came up behind a motorized scooter using the same bike lane and travelling in the same direction.

The cyclist was moving faster than the scooter, so after taking a look over her shoulder, the cyclist swung out into the traffic lanes, passed the scooter and got back into the bike lane.

I have, over the last couple of years, spoken with several people about the laws regarding these scooters, and the consensus is there are no laws – and least none that anyone knows about.

I would suggest that might be something for City Hall to look at. It won’t be that costly, and it could save a few lives.

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