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GoFundMe campaign set up to help ice cream stand move

Due to unfortunate circumstances the ice cream stand on Cowart Road is being forced to relocate.

Rona is expanding and now needs the space that has been home to the stand for about a decade. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the stand find and move to another location in the city.

If you have ever been or lived in prince George everyone knows this to be a spot of family memories and good times with great ice cream.

The owners of this renowned stand, Leona and Ken Bergman, work hard during ice cream season to make sure all their customers needs are fully met and even pay the pad rent to keep the ice cream stands location during the off season, when they are un able to operate.

More information will be updated in the near future as it is unclear now how much this move will cost and where the location will be. All proceeds will go to the Bergman family to help cover bills moving expenses and any operation fees while they are un able to operate any extra money will be re – donated back into the Prince George community.

Ice Cream Stand GoFundMe page

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