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Blackburn Elementary School hosting district Battle of the Books

A war of words is on the horizon.

On April 16 at Blackburn Elementary School, students from School District No. 57 will participate in the District Battle of the Books. The event runs from 9:15 a.m. until noon.

Twenty-seven teams, formed by students in Grades 5 through 7, will take part in the District Battle of the Books. These teams advanced to the District Battle by winning competitions within their own schools.

In the Battle of the Books, teams answer questions about Red Cedar Book Award fiction books in a ‘Reach for the Top’ quiz show format.

The 10 fiction books up for 2018-19 Red Cedar Awards are: From Ant to Eagle, by Alex Lyttle; A True Home, by Kallie George; The Lotterys Plus One, by Emma Donoghue; Inside Hudson Pickle, by Yolanda Ridge; Dominion, by Shane Arbuthnott; Clara Humble: Quiz Whiz, by Anna Humphrey; Mine, by Natalie Hyde; The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library, by Linda Bailey; The Painting, by Charis Cotter; and Innocent Heros, by Sigmund Brouwer.

The Battle of the Books was developed by teacher librarians in Prince George schools and dates back to the late 1990s. It celebrates Canadian authors and literature and engages children in reading.

“I think it is a great celebration of reading,” said Tina Cousins, a teacher librarian at Vanway Elementary School, in a news release. “These books are written by Canadian authors and some of the students will have read all 10.”

Ridge, author of Inside Hudson Pickle, will be present for the District Battle of the Books and will be visiting local schools next week as well.

Ridge is a native of Burlington, Ont., who now lives in Kootenay region of British Columbia. She has written two other books – Trouble in the Trees and Road Block. Her books are aimed at readers in the eight- to 11-year-old age group.

What: District Battle of the Books

Where: Blackburn Elementary School, 2222 South Blackburn Road

When: Tuesday, April 16, 9:15 a.m. to noon

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