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Community invited to join 100 Heroes initiative

A new charitable fundraiser has launched in Prince George.

Created by local realtor and podcaster, Colin Breadner, the 100 Heroes initiative aims to raise $10,000 for a yet-to-be-determined local charity. The idea behind it is pretty simple … Breadner is ponying up 100 buck and is challenging 99 other people in town to do the same.

“We’d all like to give back to our community, but quite often we’re limited in time or money,” he says. “If we only have $100 – or an hour of time – we wonder if it will really make a difference. That’s how the idea for 100 Heroes was sparked.”

Once 100 people kick in $100, he will have raised $10,000.

Here’s how it works:

  • They will put a list of nominated PG charities into a hat, and pull three of them out.

  • Breadner will rent out a small space on a weeknight (cost covered by him).

  • The three nominated charities each tell a five-minute story.

  • The heroes vote anonymously for which one should receive the money.

  • The votes are tallied and the winner is handed a check for the whole amount – $10,000.

  • The entire event is wrapped up in an hour.

“The great thing about 100 Heroes is no one individual has to come up with $10,000,” he says. “We take small donations and turn them into a big impact. This amount of money could transform a charity’s entire year.”

Breadner plans to host 100 Heroes four times a year, so before too long, this initiative will really make a difference.

Our first event will be held at Trench Brewing & Distilling on Monday, April 29, 6:30 p.m.

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