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Column has gone to the dogs

Most people think of the dog days as belonging to summer.

However, a number of excursions this week led me to believe these are the dog days.

I saw a lot of people taking advantage of the great weather to take their four-legged friends out on the streets and sidewalks of Prince George, and the dogs (for the most part) seemed to really enjoy the chance to get some fresh air.

There was the occasional one who seemed to have the same attitude as a lot of kids out for a walk with their parent for some ‘family time’.

You know, the “this is boring, I could be vegetating in front of my computer watching cat videos, or on my phone, texting my friends about how there’s nothing to do” attitude.

But most of the dogs I saw were bouncing ahead of their owners, taking every chance to explore the newly found sights and sounds of spring.

Most of the owners I saw were also enjoying the chance to get outside, and were doing their part to keep their pets and others safe. It’s a fairly simple process, actually: You just use a leash.

I saw people who were keeping their dogs on a literal short leash, obviously knowing their pet was likely to take off in any and all directions given half the chance.

I saw others using a retractable leash, allowing their pet to roam somewhat freely, but still being able to shorten things up at street corners and such.

I saw a fair number of people walking a couple of dogs at the same time, almost always with each of the dogs on a separate leash.

Whenever I see that, I think back to a cartoon I saw years ago, with a dog walker with about six dogs, each on a separate leash. On the sidewalk in front of them are a few squirrels.

The caption reads: “The last thing Jeff remembers before the squirrels scattered.”

Unfortunately, I also saw a few owners showing their lack of love for their dog, out without a leash. If something happens, like the dog (no matter how well-trained) suddenly dashing off, there could be danger to the dog or any passersby.

Take control of your pet. It’s the ‘leasht’ you can do for them.



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